Multilingual Translation services

From our little tropical island situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, our translation agency offers excellent translation services in the most spoken languages worldwide: English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and much more.

Our translation sectors:

Academic: The translation of theoretical and academic papers, doctoral theses, essays, studies, opinion papers, prose for the university community, and more.

Audiovisual: We translate your audio or video multimedia, to foreign languages.

Legal: The translation of contracts, statutes, judgements or general terms and conditions of sale and other contractual and legal documents, incorporation documents, by-laws, legal consultations, minutes of proceedings of the board of directors and general assembly, statements and affidavits, etc.

Software: Also known as software localisation, is the complete translation of the technical and educational documentation related to the use of the software, the translation of menus, dialogue boxes and control buttons, etc.

Marketing and Advertising: Translation of posters and POS displays, corporate and institutional brochures, press releases, promotional and commercial brochures, product sheets, advertising, flyers, market studies, packaging, labelling and more.

Medical: Translation of medical reports such as MRI, radiography, ultrasonography, mammography, scanner, and more.

Website (website localisation): The complete translation of your websites (content, keywords, etc.). It concerns all businesses that wish to extend their market and acquire international customers.

Technical: The translation of informative brochures, assembly instructions, technical manuals, technical protocols of household appliances or hi-tech equipment of foreign brands or even technical documents concerning different sectors such as metallurgy, aeronautics, automotive, etc.

Tourism: The translation of travel guides, hotel brochures, websites, multilingual catalogues, pamphlets, guides, menus, and other touristic documentation.

Financial: The translation of investment funds, market analysis, merger/acquisition documents, commercial activity report, audit report and more.

Our translation formulas:

Simple translation: This formula is ideal for documents that will be used internally or that have minor importance, there will be no independent re-reading. It only includes orthographic and grammatical verification.

Optimal translation: This formula is recommended for the publication of brochures, books, websites, and other similar applications; in addition to the translation services, this option includes proofreading of the translated document before sending to the client.


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