General Terms & Conditions


QuickPro Translations Ltd, La Jetée Road, La Balise, Black River, Mauritius, registered with the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the Business Registration Number: C13115271, hereafter the “Service Provider”.


The Service Provider's website has been set up to offer translation of all types of documents (academic, legal, medical, audiovisual, tourism and hospitality, etc.); the transcription of your audio and video materials; digital transcription of documents; subtitling; copywriting; correction and revision of your documents.

The list and description of the services offered by the Service Provider are available on the website:


If you have questions or request more information, you can contact the Service Provider by email on:, by clicking on the contact form available Contact us, or by phone on the +(230) 483 18 52.


Any order placed implies the Client’s full and unconditional acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, to the exclusion of any other document. Unless expressly provided on a legally binding quote, no special condition may prevail over the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The provision of any service by the Service Provider implies the Client’s acceptance of the present general terms and conditions, and to the renunciation of his general purchasing conditions. Any condition contrary will, therefore, failing express acceptance, be unenforceable against the Service Provider, regardless of the time when it may have been brought to its knowledge.


A free quote will be issued by the Service Provider before the Client places any order. This quote will be drawn up on the basis of the documents to be translated, transcribed or proofread or based on the information provided by the Client.

The quote supplied by the Service Provider to the Client, by email, mentions the following:

The number of pages or words submitted for translation;

The source and target languages;

The methods used to determine the price of the translation. The latter is invoiced either on a flat-rate basis or according to the time spent on the document, or even on the basis of the tariff practised by the Service Provider the day the quote was made, in particular per source word (i.e. per word contained in the translated text). The word count is calculated by Microsoft Word Software (tools, statistics) per line, per page, per hour;

The delivery deadline, and the time the translation will take;

The format of the documents to be translated in the case where a specific page layout is requested;

The possible surcharges, particularly due to the urgency of the project, specific terminological research or any other special requests from the Client.

For an order to be legally binding, the Client must pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the order, followed by an email showing his consent after a quote was sent to him by email. Failing to receive written confirmation of the quote and proof of payment, the Service Provider reserves the right not to start the project.

Failing to receive confirmation of the order under the terms and conditions defined above, the quote will become null and void within 7 days counting from the date the quote was issued.

After having informed the Client, the Service Provider reserves the right to charge an additional fee and/or not to meet the initially agreed deadline mentioned on the Client’s order confirmation and this, particularly in the following cases:

  • In the case where the Client modifies or provides additional documents after the quote have been drawn up by the Service Provider, the latter reserves the right to adjust the amount charged according to the additional volume of text requested;
  • The absence of documents during the drawing up of the quote. If the quote has been drawn up solely upon communication of an approximate word count and from an extract of a document;
  • In the absence of the Client's express acceptance of these new delivery and/or invoicing terms, the Service Provider reserves the right not to start the project;
  • Any discounts, price reductions or sliding scale charges, based on a percentage or package (per page, line or hour), remains at the sole discretion of the Service Provider, and this only for the service concerned. The possible discounts or rebates offered to the Client will in no case give rise to any rights that the Client might assert in respect of any future services;
  • In the event where no quote has been sent to the Client by the Service Provider before the start of the project, the translation services shall be invoiced in accordance with the base rate habitually


When requesting a quote, the price of the services offered is provided in Mauritian Rupees, Euro’s or Dollars, exclusive of tax and is calculated based on the number of minutes or on the actual word count. The Service Provider is not subject to VAT. The banking fees incurred pertaining to any payments made by a Client situated outside the Mauritian territory shall be shared in a fair and equitable way. The Service Provider, therefore, advises the Client to inquire about these aspects with the proper local authorities. The Service Provider reserves the right to change prices at any given time in the future.


The essential features of the services and their respective prices are made available to the Client upon request for a quote via our quote form by Click here for a free quote!. The Client certifies having obtained the procedural details to follow as well as the conditions of payment, delivery and execution. The Service Provider undertakes to honour the Client’s orders until total satisfaction of the latter, as best as possible.

In the event where the Client is not satisfied, i.e. in the case of a complaint made within the established deadlines, QuickPro Translations Ltd undertakes, at its own expense, and in a limited timeframe to deliver an amended version of the disputed translation. QuickPro Translations Ltd, however, remains the sole judge of the pertinence of the objections and is the only one who decides whether there will be reimbursement or not.


Subject to the reception by the Service Provider of all the documents that need to be translated, the deadline mentioned in the quote is applicable only upon the Client’s confirmation of the order, based on the above-mentioned conditions defined, counting from the reception of the quote. In the case of delays in the confirmation of the quote sent to the Client, the delivery date may be reviewed in accordance with the workload of the Service Provider.


The Client undertakes to make available all the texts that need to be translated and any technical information essential to the understanding of the document and, as the case may be, the specific terminology required to the Service Provider. If the Client fails to inform the Service Provider properly, the latter may not be held liable for the possible non-conformities or a late delivery.

The Client has 7 working days counting from the reception of his translated and proofread documents to inform the Service Provider in writing of any disagreement concerning the quality of the service. After this time, the service shall be considered as having been duly completed and no claim shall be entertained.


Each order is processed according to the availability of our expert staff for each service offered and the size of the project.

Should our team members be booked out or unable to deliver on time, you will be immediately notified of delivery times and you may cancel your request if necessary.

If ever the Client makes an urgent request for one of our services, i.e. in a limited timeframe, the Service Provider will have no other choice than to apply an (“urgency”) surcharge depending on the requested service, namely:

  • A 30% levy for a translation service whose deadline is too short and, therefore, considered as being “urgent”
  • A 15% levy for a transcription service whose deadline is too short and, therefore, considered as being “urgent”
  • A 15% levy for a subtitling service whose deadline is too short and, therefore, considered as being “urgent”
  • A 15% levy for a proofreading and correction service whose deadline is too short and, therefore, considered as being “urgent”


Unless otherwise agreed upon, full payment is required to be made within a maximum of 7 days, counting from the invoice date.

Any failure or delay in payment shall be cause for immediate collection of the entire amount due from the Client, regardless of legal grounds and this, without prior formal notice or any other formalities. Furthermore, QuickPro Translations Ltd reserves the right to apply a late payment statutory interest’s penalty of an amount equal to 8.5% counting from the date where such payment should have been made.


Given the fact that the Service Provider will have already started working on the project and appointed a translator, thus preventing the Service Provider from working on other projects, cancellation of an ongoing translation project by the Client will carry a fee.

The work already completed will be invoiced at 100% and the remaining work at 50%.


Any amendment and supplement to these general terms and conditions should be made in writing only.


The General Terms and Conditions are in all respects subject to the laws governing the island of Mauritius.