Technical Translation Services

Technical translation can be very complex. It consists of the translation of documents whereby each phrase and word carries significant importance and where any error can be deadly.

Since the translation of technical documents involves various business sectors, it is primordial to entrust it to a native translator who is specialised or experienced in the topic.

Technical translations can be very punctilious. It is why QuickPro Translations, located in Mauritius has set up a team specialised in different fields such as engineering, medical, information technology (IT) and mechanics just for you.

This type of translation requires ultimate precision when choosing the words and terms to be used. Each term being of crucial importance and errors being unacceptable, our teams attach significant importance in the building and preparation of glossaries and translation memories.

These databases are updated daily, and numerous terms are therefore saved and sorted by industry and client. Thus, our translators have access to an ever-evolving database. This increases the precision, speed and quality of our translations.

Some examples of documents that we translate:

  • Engineering papers
  • User manuals
  • Technical sheets
  • Standards
  • Patents
  • Specifications
  • User Manual
  • Technical brochures
  • Medical reports
  • Tenders

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