French and English Subtitling Services

Subtitling is simply the process of adding text to your videos, therefore making audiovisual productions available to all.

As a matter of fact, this technique is essential for people with impaired hearing, or for those who wish to watch a film, series or animation in a language in which they are not fluent.

The primary objective of the subtitling specialist is to accurately convey the essence of the message and at the same time respect the technical constraints. Particular attention must be given to the reading time of the viewer as well as the length of the text.

Our services are for the deaf and hard of hearing persons, for those that speak a foreign language, for all those wishing to learn English or French, for children who are learning how to read, and all those who find the presence of subtitles a must.

From our offices located on the island of Mauritius, our team of experts offer you unrivalled subtitling services, while ensuring that your deadlines are consistently met.

The type of subtitling offered by QuickPro Translations is known as “Closed Caption subtitling”.

This means that the subtitles form part of a separate file from that of the image and is made up of text and time codes for synchronisation purposes. “Closed Caption” subtitles can, therefore, be activated or deactivated by the viewer and can easily be edited, even after putting it online or after publication.

Here are the different steps involved in the creation of subtitles for all types of video files:

  1. Audio transcription of the speech
  2. Cutting of subtitles
  3. Synchronisation

At QuickPro Translations we offer the following subtitling services:

  • Simple Subtitling: It is simply the transcription of the speech. It is assumed, that for this type of subtitling, viewers do not have sight or hearing problems. It is only the spoken dialogue that will be subtitled. We can have it translated into French.
  • Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing persons: Subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing persons is the transcription of the spoken dialogues in a video. This type of subtitling differentiates itself from normal subtitling as it contains additional information.

Deaf and hard of hearing subtitling also displays colour codes and text positioning on the image which are associated with the dialogues, so as to better distinguish the different speakers and so that the viewer better understands the video. In addition to the colour code and to the text positioning, various rules must be respected during the creation of this type of subtitling.

Our professional subtitling team works with television series, films, animations, documentaries and corporate presentations. Our careful and continuous monitoring of each of the steps involved in this type work guarantees the uniformity of the final product.

Your satisfaction is our motivation!

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