Software and Application Localization Services

In the present era of globalisation and while the business environment is becoming more and more competitive, software localization is indispensable to access the world market and ensure that you retain your existing clients.

Just as for website localization, software and application localization requires technical as well as linguistic skills.

Yes, not only does it involve the translation of the content and functional elements of the software and application but also the respect of the norms and conventions expected by the users within the target market.

Software and application localization is above all the adaptation of software or application to a new culture, the one of the target country. This applies not only to software and applications but also involves all the related documentation, be it online or in print format.

The optimal consistency between the translated user interface (menus, messages, buttons and other visible textual elements) and the original documentation (help files, screen images and the printed handbooks) is of crucial importance.

Our team at QuickPro Translations has extensive knowledge of this sector and fulfils all the requirements for a localization project.

From our offices in Mauritius, our specialist translators analyse your request, plan the main steps, undertake quality control and hand over your translated software, guaranteeing a localized translation of your software and applications, without any functional, linguistic and cultural defect.


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