Medical Translation Services

Medical and pharmaceutical translations each cover dozens of different areas.

In the medical field, precision and reliability are crucial at all levels: business’ success, doctors’ reputation and the health of patients.

At QuickPro Translations, we strive for excellence, and even the slightest mistake will not be tolerated.

Our English-French medical translators possess a significant amount of experience in the translation of diagnostic imaging (radiography, medical ultrasonography, scanner, MRI, mammography, etc.). However, their skills do not stop there.

In addition to being experts in the translation of medical reports, our translators specialise in various areas related to the medical industry and always work in their native language.

Considering that it is essential to master the appropriate terminology related to these types of documents, our teams attach great importance to the building of glossaries and translation memories dedicated to each company with whom we work.

These databases are updated daily and thousands of terms and phrases are therefore saved and sorted by industry and client.

Thus, our translators have access to ever-evolving databases; this in turn increases the precision and quality of our translations. Consequently, the translation is entirely compliant with the specificities of the medical sector.

Type of medical documents translated:

  • Medical diagnostic imaging reports: MRI, radiography, medical ultrasonography, mammography, scan.
  • Scientific papers
  • Regulations, toxicity studies, medical evaluation reports
  • Medical records
  • Product information (IFU, SPC, labelling),
  • Minutes of conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops
  • Work documents
  • Analytical documents
  • Annual reports, official publications
  • Medical notices, documentation
  • Clinical trials 


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