Medical Transcription Services

QuickPro Translations specialises in the transcription of medical diagnostic imaging reports such as MRI, radiography, medical ultrasonography, mammography, scan, etc.

Being more complex than any other type of transcription, medical transcription uses precise terminology.

As there is no room for mistakes as this could endanger the lives of your patients; we are committed to providing faultless and accurate medical transcription work.

To guarantee you high quality medical transcription services, we have set up a medical typist team with several years of experience in the medical field and as transcriptionists.

Our highly qualified medical transcriptionists are recruited based on their typing speed, grammar and spelling, listening skills, ability to work with a computer, and their experience in that particular field.

Moreover, terminology databases specific to each medical field have been created to guarantee unparalleled precision and speed.

Whatever your transcription needs, our specialists ensure quick and accurate transcription for a wide range of medical documents:

  • Medical forms
  • Medical liaison letters
  • Discharge summary reports
  • Consultation reports
  • Summary of meetings
  • Medical imaging reports
  • Protocol and operative reports
  • Transcription of conferences and conventions

At QuickPro Translations, we offer high quality medical transcription services in English and French.


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