Legal Translation Services

Contractual relations have become even more important with the globalisation of business, thus increasing the demand for legal translations.

Being a complex process, this type of translation not only requires advanced knowledge in law, a mastery of the source languages and target languages but also editorial skills allowing to translate the nuances of the source text.

At QuickPro Translations, our legal translators are law professionals and possess vast experience in the industry.

In addition to their competence in the legal sector, our translators have extensive professional experience in the translation field.

The mastery of the terminology specific to this type of documents being essential, our teams spend a lot of time and attach significant importance to the building of glossaries and translation memories dedicated to each industry. These databases are updated on a daily basis, and numerous terms are therefore saved and sorted by industry and client.

Our translators have therefore access to ever-evolving databases that improve the precision and quality of the translations performed.

Examples of legal documents that we translate:

  • Memoranda of association
  • Statutes and company by-laws
  • All types of contracts
  • Legal consultation
  • Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and general meetings.
  • Declarations and attestations
  • And much more


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