Digital Transcription Services

In response to the ever increasing demands, QuickPro Translations, located in Mauritius, has established a transcription service for the purpose of recreating and digitising documents.

Our experienced team of typists can recreate any PDF or document you wish to digitise into a format of your choice (Word, Excel, etc.)

We guarantee a precise and accurate transcription, where the formatting and page layout will be respected.

If need be, our experienced staff will totally reconstruct tables, flowcharts, diagrams or graphic objects of any kind in Word or Excel.

The price for the transcription of digital documents is determined by the quality of the text to be transcribed, images to be inserted, or even by the use of an Optical Character Recognition software (OCR).

Our work methodology:

  • As soon as you contact us, and depending on your needs, a project manager will be assigned to your project.
  • We may ask for a few pages of your document to estimate the price to be paid for the transcription service.
  • Once the quote is accepted, we will begin the transcription of your files while ensuring that deadlines are respected.
  • During the transcription process of your documents, our typists will highlight the unreadable words, those not understood, so as to discuss it with you.
  • Once the work is completed, your document will be sent to you via email or dropbox and if you wish, on a CD-ROM or DVD containing all your files.


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