Audiovisual Transcription Services

Many may think that transcription is an unimportant process… Quite the contrary! As a matter of fact, it is a vital step in the translation process of audiovisual files.

Audiovisual transcription has various uses; it can serve as the basis for translation, subtitling or dubbing of a film, series or an animation, but can also serve as a medium for the viewing of a video.

The script of the soundtrack is the material on which the translator will rely to perform the translation.

The audio transcriptionist will, therefore, have to transcribe each sentence with the greatest precision, and each word that will then be translated. The file must be precise, with every detail appearing.

Audiovisual transcription can also be of great use if ever one wishes to have a simultaneous display that will enable the deaf or people not accustomed to the local language to access the content of the video. This is a very common practice on the web.

At QuickPro Translations, our team of transcriptionists have a perfect mastery of the source language of your media and possess extensive experience in the audiovisual industry.

Once complete, the transcribed document will be proofread with the greatest care before being sent to the client, translator or to the expert in charge of the subtitling or translation for voice-over.

Our highly qualified typists are recruited based on their typing speed, grammar and spelling, listening skills as well as their ability to work with a computer, as well as their experience in that particular field.


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