Academic Translation Services

Our translation agency, operating worldwide, offers professional and competent multilingual academic translation services in Mauritius for students, researchers, teachers, professors, schools, training institutions as well as for experts from various fields needing to translate their academic certificates and work.

Depending on the type of academic literature and related field, a team of specialised translators is selected to meet the requirements of your project.

The language and terminology unique to each academic field are of crucial importance. This is why we will ensure that the wording of the final translation is accurate and coherent, so as to restore the message in the source document.

Considering that this industry possesses precise terminology, our teams spend a lot of time building and preparing glossaries and translation memories dedicated to each industry within which we work.

These massive databases are updated daily. Thousands of terms are saved and sorted by industry and by client.

Consequently, our translators have access to constantly evolving databases, which increases the precision and quality of the translations we perform on your behalf.

The translations performed by our translators and financial experts are fully compliant with the particularities of each business sector.

Examples of the different documents that we translate:

  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Essays and papers
  • Academic papers
  • Lectures
  • Any other academic documents


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