8 advantages of a multilingual website

These days, being present on the international stage should be a top priority for all businesses. Companies wanting to expand, to be more successful and to increase brand visibility are required to create multilingual websites. Today we take a look at 8 advantages of a multilingual website!

A budding opportunity waiting to be seized

Advantages to a multilingual website for companies

With a radical shift in buying habits, the percentage of online shoppers is growing at a rapid rate. By being present online with a multilingual site, you will be able to tap into new markets and attract new clients in their native language. Result: increased turnover.

A cost-effective marketing tool

When internet users are given a choice of languages, 9 out of 10 of them prefer to visit a site in their own language. A multilingual website is the most cost-effective marketing tool available today; allowing you to propose your products or services to an international audience.

Build credibility

If your competitor has a website in all major languages and yours is only in English, which website will be more credible? By translating your website into several languages in a manner that is clear and understandable to you target audience, you demonstrate that you are a credible international player.

Drive sales

Adding new languages to your website represents definite added value. Whether you choose English, Russian, Spanish, German, Mandarin or whatever other language, one thing is sure, your sales will increase. An increase in sales means a healthier turnover!


Multilingual websites show that you have the interests of your customers in mind. An internet user is reputedly more inclined to purchase online in his native language rather than in another language. Today, more than ever, clients are more likely to do business with you if you cater for them.

Greater visibility

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By adding new languages to your website, you get to exploit new potential markets and increase your visibility.  You give your company the opportunity to tap into home-grown search engines. On top of this, many of the leading search engines such as Google run searches in foreign languages. Maximise your website potential by getting picked up in searches.

Broaden your market

Quickpro Translations multilingual websites Mauritius

By translating your website into several languages, you open yourself up to the world. You communicate with a broader target market and more countries. This saves you time and money while gaining international recognition.

One step ahead

A well implemented and professionally translated multilingual website allows you to stand out from your competitors. Even today, there are not many websites that are in multiple languages. Give yourself a distinct advantage over your competitors and raise the bar of online business to a whole new level by showcasing your site in several languages.

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